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How do I calculate wallpaper?

We always recommend that a professional installer calculates your total needed quantity. But in the event that you decide to go for it yourself we are happy to help! Please send us an email with the wallpaper information and all of your measurements and we will be happy to help!


How do I measure my walls? 

To measure your walls, make sure you have an accurate measurement in inches of the overall height and width of the portion of the wall you’ll be covering. Sometimes it helps to draw a rough sketch to use while you do your calculations. Please note the doors and windows if there are any.


My walls are textured, what should I do?

If your walls are textured the texture will show through on the wallpaper. We recommend that you skim coat your walls to a level 5 smooth finish and prime them with a wallpaper primer prior to wallpaper installation.

Another alternative is to use a wall liner to alleviate some texture. Wallpaper liners are not meant to take away the texture 100%, but they are a great way to reduce the texture on your walls

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